Shipping Policy

USA Domestic Shipping:

Once your order is placed, it is expected to arrive within 3-5 business days via standard shipping. Through this time, Deerhandmade®️ will transfer your placed order to its USPS office for shipping the package. Due to COVID-19 constraints, it is important to understand that the USPS is dealing with a significant increase in package volume and limited availability of staff. Therefore, this may result in delays beyond normal transit times. Before contacting our support team, please consider that this surge might require USPS for an additional 2-3 days of transit time.

Express Shipping:

Choosing Express shipping ensures faster delivery, typically within 3-4 business days with USPS priority shipping services. Choosing Express shipping prioritizes your shipment and expedites the delivery of packages to your doorstep. However, due to the ongoing challenges created by COVID-19, USPS cannot guarantee the exact time of shipment and may extend beyond the standard three-business-day period. It is important to note that, an expedited shipping option purchased by a customer may not be eligible for a refund, even if the delivery reaches the customer beyond the specified three-business-day period.

International Shipping:

To ship your order Deerhandmade®️ product internationally, we require our customers to estimate delivery time 1-3 weeks. Deerhandmade®️ free shipping offer does not apply to international shipments. In addition, It is important to note that shipping costs are calculated based on your country and the size of the order at the checkout. Please note that certain countries may impose VAT, Taxes, Fees, and duties on goods ordered from the United States. Deerhandmade®️ cannot be held accountable for any fees, taxes, VAT, and duties imposed by the local governments on these products.

Order Processing:

orders placed through our website are usually shipped within 1-3 business days domestically and 1-3 weeks internationally. Our team diligently works to expedite the process of your shipment. We appreciate your continued patience and unwavering support. Rarely, yet increased demand or out-of-stock events may result in significant delays in the process of your order. In such cases, We will promptly contact you in advance.
Thank you for choosing Deerhandmade®️; your satisfaction is our priority and we strive to update you throughout your shipping journey with us.
Please feel free to reach out to us via Email for inquiries regarding shipping, shipment status, or tracking