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Our Values & Origins







Our Story

DEERHANDMADE brand is the brainchild of two friends residing in Seattle, United States, Khalid Ahmady & Hameedullah Nasrat. The journey started in 2020 that saw an unprecedented boom in the leather industry and higher demand for leather products in the United States fashion industry. Beyond that, their desire to explore new business opportunities urged them to produce top-quality handmade leather products for their clients in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Europe.

Since leather has been an integral part of human civilization, leather products are now considered a luxury.

At DEERHANDMADEwe source premium-quality leather from different parts of the world to offer our clients high-quality products. At DeerHandmade, we combine the richness with the technological advancement of the U.S. to produce irresistible leather products for the customers.


Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We strive to improve and expand the manufacturing business, which plays the most crucial role in global development and its ever-changing business environment.

We intend to raise our product manufacturing standards and contribute to the economy with environmental consciousness.

Our Vision

Being receptive to technical breakthroughs is an essential component of progress and growth.
To make the investments required to incorporate such advances into our framework.

To produce with a focus on activities, offering the newest industry trends, with a focus on high quality, functionality, and economy, by ever-changing design concepts
To develop our corporate values, which are understood, embraced, and shared by all our employees following our modern management mindset.

To maintain the highest level of satisfaction among our employees, our dealers who are considered business partners, and our end users, we must maintain a sense of overall excellence
Adopt and apply a customer-oriented marketing management strategy and tactics and continue commercial operations.


Meet Our Team

The Deerhanmade team is the backbone of the brand, they are the secret to our success, they hold a clear vision and understand the importance of delivering quality services to the customers. Since the beginning of the Deerhandmade brand, the team established to serve the mission, vision and values of the Deerhandmade brand. We collectively work together to satisfy our customers and reach out for their feedback. We highly appreciate each given feedback from our customers. Feedback will allow our team and the brand to deliver satisfactory results to the customer. We can not wait to see the smile on your faces with the services we provide.

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Our Core Values


“We are accountable for all of our acts!”

We, as a company, are accountable for the leather products in terms of quality and delivery time. Moreover, we are responsible and liable for causing environmental damage throughout our manufacturing operations.

Unified Aim

The employees of the company have been collaborating to produce the results that are required of them. As a result, principles such as shared goal, cooperation, collaboration, joint effort, solidarity, honesty, and goodwill are central to our organization.

Customer Service

“Of course, the consumer reigns supreme!”

Our survival depends on our clients’ interests. We believe in establishing relationships and keeping regular connections with our customers to ensure our organization’s sustainability and competitiveness. To sustain our relationship with our clients, we have implemented many ideas in order to build and maintain the business.

High Ethical Principles

“Flexibility is essential!”

Compliance and adherence to the local laws, rules, standards and legal procedures are also unavoidable components of aligning with the ethical standards and preserving a peaceful and steady investment in our business.