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How Deerhandmade Started?

DEERHANDMADE brand was founded by two Friends residing in Seattle, United States. The story begins in 2020 with the latest development in the leather sector and higher demand for leather products in the United States fashion industry.

Beyond that, two friends after combining their tech expertise urged them to produce the top-quality handmade leather materials in the United States, leather highly demanded by tourists in Afghanistan, Turkey, and Pakistan.

Since Leather has constituted a significant ingredient in human civilization and now transformed into a prestige item used in luxury designs and fashion accessories, Deerhandmade uses the leather of Afghanistan, Turkey, and Pakistan, not only rich in history but also constituted a remarkable role in the nation’s economy for decades.

Rich leather history of Afghanistan, Turkey and Pakistan’s made the deerhandmade to combine the richness with the technological advancement of the US to produce irresistible leather products for the customers. Hear the story from US.