6 Reasons to shift to Deerhandmade Wallets

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6 Reasons to shift to Deerhandmade Wallets


1 – Premium Full Grain Leather

Our collections for wallets are made from Premium Quality leather you have ever experienced in your life. Premium Leather is being extracted from the very top of the Calfskin which stands for the best quality ever. Full grain Premium leather’s ability is to age gracefully and develop a beautiful covering over time that adds to its attraction, making it an unforgettable choice for those who appreciate both quality and aesthetics.

2 – Magnetic Closure

For various types of wallets, the Magnetic Closure adds an innovative touch of Convenience and Security. This makes sure that your money and cards are safe at the palm of your hand. Moreover, it gives a fantastic look to your wallet.

3 – RFID Protected

Safeguard your sensitive information from electronic theft and unauthorized access, as RFID technology creates a secure barrier against data skimming. With our RFID-protected Wallets, you can confidently carry your cards and documents in a sleek and modern design while ensuring your personal data remains confidential and shielded from potential threats. With FRID Protection, you won’t experience any theft and information sharing.

4 – Customer Satisfaction

Deerhandmade prioritizes customer joy by delivering top products, seamless shopping, and exceptional support, aiming for satisfaction and delight.

This wallet comes with very good material and not too fat after insert 9 credit cards, few US cash plus other cards. It is a great wallet in slim and small size. “Nolan”

Great product! It was a gift for my Father, he really loved it. The quality is amazing, the packaging is great too. I really recommend this product to All who offer gifts. “Abdullah”

It is good quality and a nice size, also great to keep your credits cards save and beautiful design I really like it. “Zabiullah bayan”

5 – Perfect Design

Faultless design meets functionality at Deerhandmade.com. Explore our curated collection for products that blend aesthetics with usability, enhancing your style and surroundings. All of our leather products come with genuine Quality which leads to Customer delight.

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6 – Gifted Box

We present our wallets in a very fantastic gift box which creates a great experience while unboxing the item. The premium Box enhances the gifting experience which adds an extra touch of fashion and making the moment truly memorable. We believe the unboxing moment will be a pleasing to you and others around you.